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About | 山海屯

Mogather Co. Ltd. was founded in the 25th of August in 2017. Before stetting up the company, the team devoted the time in community building programmes to revitalize rural economy and preserve local culture. The founder is specialized in this field and Sinhua, Tainan is the best showcase of his expertise. 

Taking social enterprise as the company’s vision and the local heritage as the foundation. The profit from business activities will reinvest into revitalizing rural areas and the place and people can both benefit from it.

| 初心 |- Original Intention

The intention of starting the company was to introduce good quality produces in countryside to more people; furthermore, improving people’s lives there. To achieve this goal, the company works with local farmers and assists them to build up their products and brands from scratch and filling the gap between customers and farmers. The former has reasonable profit for their work, the later can be supporters of local produces in Taiwan.

| 願景 |- Vision

  • Establishing a self-sufficient business model from product, design to sale
  • Bring back the glorious history of Sinhua and letting people have chance to experience it

  • Organise and manage tangible and intangible heritage around Highway No. 20 and let the area shine again

| CEO/Founder | - 許明揚 Cloud Hsu

Starting his career as a project manager in university. After seeing the tragic moment of Typhoon Morakot, he decided to enter the field of community building to get closer to the land and people. Furthermore, he used the concept of social enterprise to continue his vision of community building. He has already assisted more than one hundred communities to cultivate human resource and plan and manage the places.


Mogather Co. Ltd. /Founder and CEO/  08.2017-until now

Chuan Yung Co. Ltd./ CEO/ 01.2017-08.2017

Pick-up Trend Studio Founder and/ CEO/ 01.2001-until now

| Service |


Visual design

Package design

Product design


Digital marketing






Professional assistance

| Brands |

Natural Alliance

Sustainability, harmony, and sharing

Promote good-quality Taiwanese produces to the world 

Jin-Fa Selection

Keep the hundred-year-old store alive and introduce various rice and grains related products to you

Tainan Sinhua Ninetown

Tours in Sinhua and nearby area. Experience the charming history of the place

Sinhua Creative Cluster

Work as a team. More like-minded individuals come to set up business and settle down in Sinhua

Sinhua Life Museum

Jin-Fa Rice and Grain Store

Chang-Tai Pharmacy 

The house of  Chen Qing-Chuan

The house of Liang Dao